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blue ribbon "Lee, your presentation was awesome. It was great for the kids to have the opportunity to bring the characters from "101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher" to life . . . to become the characters that they had read about. Thanks so much for coming to Indianapolis. . . "

-Kimberly Campbell, Principal
Southport 6th Grade Academy
Indianapolis, IL

blue ribbon "Just wanted to thank you again for the great presentation. I keep hearing from the kids, teachers, parents and our administration that it was wonderful. Everything went smoothly, however, you must have been tired from signing all those books! I appreciate how you allowed pictures and visited with the winners. I wish you luck on your new books to come. I'm sure they will win awards and honors like many of your others."

-Chris Richards
Support Specialist Literacy
Educational Services
Victor Elementary School District
Victorville, CA

“The kids at Irwin Avenue Open Elementary loved Lee’s program! This is a tough audience to please, I’ll have you know. A++++++++++++++++++++++++!”

-Deborah Jung, Librarian
Irwin Open School

Charlotte, NC

"Lee made my first job as VP of Programs so easy.  She was accommodating, flexible, and just a joy!  The kids at our school fell in love with her! I couldn't have wished for a better author to come to our school. We are forever thankful.”

-Natascha Ritter
PTA Vice-President
School Programs
Hollow Hills Elementary
Simi Valley, CA

What an honor it was to have Lee visit our school.  Her presentations were inspiring to both the teachers and the students.  She has a wonderful way of connecting with children of all levels and ages. The insightful comments she encouraged from the students really showed the depth of their interest in her and her books.  All I can say is: it was truly an amazing day!

-Hilarie Rydbeck
Curriculum Facilitator/Teacher
Miller Elementary School
Escondido, CA

“We were lucky to have Lee as our author.  Our students are still talking about the visit. They really loved the readers’ theatreprogram and watching their peers give the performance. There were several adults on staff who expressed Lee’s visit as being the best we've ever had.  Now that's a real compliment from the teaching staff!”

-Judie Ammon, Librarian
Trinity Valley Elementary School
Willow Creek,CA

“Lee Wardlaw did two presentations at our school:  one for the K-3rd graders and one for the 4th-6th graders. Each audience received an entirely different presentation but was equally enthralled. The younger students were captivated by “Recipe for a Book” and the older students loved being part of reader’s theatre program from “101 Ways to Bug your Teacher”. The kids really came away with a clear understanding of the how important ideas, characters, and plot are to writing a good book.”

-Meredith Brace
K-6 Library Media Teacher
Laguna Blanca School
Hope Ranch, CA

"Lee's engaging presentation had our students spellbound the entire time. Her experience as a teacher and presenter made the assembly one that teachers and students talked about for days afterwards.  I can't keep her books on the shelf in our library!" 
-Janet Pedersen, Librarian
Cold Spring School
Montecito, CA

“I can’t help but keep saying that the evening far exceeded our expectations. We had SO many compliments from the parents, teachers, and the principals.  Lee was so amazing and brought out the best in the children. . .”

-Karen Patrick
PTA President
Moorpark, CA

“What an absolutely fabulous morning we had at the bookstore with Lee! I’ve never seen the students so excited about buying books at an author visit.  I actually lent a student some money so he could buy the first book and he read the first two chapters as we waited for the public bus back to school.  His mom called me tonight to say thank you, she’s glad he’s so excited about reading.  I’ve been pondering over the enthusiasm the children (and the adults, myself included) have for Lee’s books . . . they’re hilarious, and I feel the joy emanating from the pages as Sneeze discovers he needs to live his passion, only for his own enjoyment of it . . .”

-Lori Crockett, Teacher
Claremont, CA

“Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation at Yellow Book Road Book Store.  The children loved it.  The skit was a big hit. The participants and the audience came back to school raving about the experience. Again, thank you for a wonderful experience for our kids.”
-Chris Bailey-Garcia
La Mesa, CA
“Thank you for the great presentations at the bookstore!  The students really enjoyed them, and you did a wonderful job.  You’ve been so nice to work with, and I appreciate your enthusiasm.”
-Gaylene Edgar
Events Coordinator
Watermark Books
Wichita, KS
“Authors Ellen Kelly and Lee Wardlaw were a hit!  They came through on a wild ride [at the school visits]. These ladies were so much fun!  I would host them again anytime.”
-Grace Boggart  
Copperfield’s Books
Petaluma & Sebastopol, CA

“Lee is as entertaining as a speaker as she is a writer.  She came to our annual Authors Forum Luncheon this year and she was terrific!   As she seriously describes her approach to writing for children, she punctuates her talk with the silly questions she is often asked and the letters she has received from kids.  She had our audience roaring with laughter. . . “

-Harriet Tower
Program Chair
Santa Maria, CA

"Lee Wardlaw changed my life as a writer of children's books.  Before I took her seminars, I had been stuck for two years on an idea that I couldn't quite develop.  At the end of a week of her classes at the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference in June of '05, I came away with a new vision for what makes a good story.  In fact, an agent expressed interest in my story after I scrapped what I had and started over (based on what I learned from Lee).  I can't wait to read her books to my fourth grade students when I return to teaching in the fall."

-Jeaninne M. Kato
Fourth Grade Teacher
First Street School
Lincoln, CA

“It was a great pleasure getting to know you over dinner and hearing your talk at our Club meeting. . . Your presentation is, by far, one of the most polished and professional that we’ve had this year, and everyone noticed.  You honored us all with your participation, and I, personally, feel greatly enriched by my new-found friendship with you. . . “

-Vicki Smith
Ventura County Writers’ Club
Ventura, CA

“Thanks for the great send-off for San Diego-SCBWI’s current season! Your unique and entertaining pop-quiz was the perfect hook to immerse us in the middle-grade genre. In addition to our members, the publishing industry is bound to appreciate your efforts in helping us turn “unsalable” manuscripts into winners.”

-Jane Patton
SCBWI-San Diego
Program Coordinator

“We always feel so fortunate to have you share your wonderful books and presentations with us.  Thank you so much for being a continuing, longest-lasting contributor to this event.  Our students adore your books.  You really know how to make kids laugh and that is truly a gift.”

-Aline Shapiro, Librarian
20th Anniversary
Peabody Author Day
Peabody Charter School
Santa Barbara, CA

“I would invite Lee back to our school or recommend her to another school.  She was marvelous, creative and entertaining.”

Southern California

blue ribbon

“The school library staff members at our regional conference of the Oregon Association of School Libraries were delighted with your Skype author visit, Lee. Your experience using Skype as an alternative to a traditional face-to-face visit was so valuable. The insight you shared on creating an effective Skype visit went beyond what any of us had read about the process and will allow us to continue down the Skype author visit path with assured success. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your work!”

-Kate Weber, Library/Media Specialist
Lane Education Service District
Eugene, OR

blue ribbon

"First of all, thank you for such a wonderful visit. I learn something >new each time you come. Your interaction with the students was, as usual, exceptional...are you a teacher by any chance?!!! What's more, you carry much more weight than a "teacher" saying the same thing. And I think it is so valuable for them to get to know the person behind the writing and the process involved. Thanks for sharing your writing, your talent, your ideas...yourself with the children."

-Mary Kuntsal, Librarian
Montessori Center School
Goleta, CA

blue ribbon

“The Skype session was great! My 7th grade students were able to ask Lee questions and get real live responses on the spot. (What a long way we have come from writing to authors and awaiting their responses.) Lee was generous enough, too, to send bookmarks and postcards for my students! I wish all authors were as gracious and accommodating as Lee Wardlaw is!”

-Jamie Engel
Ramblewood Middle School
Coral Springs, Florida

blue ribbon

"Lee Wardlaw recently visited our school for the entire day. Her background in education really helps her relate to the students and the staff. Her assemblies were both informative and motivating to our students. She catered each assembly to the ages of the students, and actively incorporated student volunteers in her presentations. She conducted book signing sessions where the students had the opportunity to talk with her individually. She ate with our staff at lunch and let us "pick her brain" for information and ideas. Lee did an outstanding job with our K-6 students and I would highly recommend her for your school assembly program."

-Chuck Fiorentino, Principal
Harloe Elementary School
Arroyo Grande, California

blue ribbon

"Thanks and thanks for providing such a wonderful experience for our student body! We've been getting rave reviews from teachers and students alike about your presentations...[one teacher] has been talking about how you're the best author we've ever had!"

-Debbie Samel, Author Visit Coordinator
Big Springs Elementary School
Simi Valley, CA



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